Weekly Milesge is wrong

Weekly totals do not match. Just got a weekly progress report showing one mileage missing two rides, club mileage is missing one ride and my weekly profile mileage has all rides and mileage accounted for. Seems to be an internal glitch.

When I check the Companion app and select “7 Days”, the number all match up with the new “Your Week On Zwift” email report I received this morning. My Strava numbers, excluding an outdoor ride, for last week also match up.

My emailed weekly report is not only missing the ride I did this morning, but even accounting for that, it is still short 8 minutes relative to ZCA.

When I look at Companion on my phone, Home screen Goals Weekly Distance Goal it says Completed. 127.7/120MI and Weekly Time Goal 1 day left 7.5/8H. This seems odd since the week is over.

My Zwift email today says I only rode 98 MI this week for 5hr 36min.

I have rode indoor all week due to the weather here. Not sure if the Gravel Grinder Training plan does not count but it shows up on my weekly goals. I do agree that I have reached Level 18.



Hello Darren,
Did Zwift gave you a reply? I just noticed that my weekly goals don’t add up properly. Today I rode two workouts adding 61.7km and a little over 2 hours. The companion app only added 1.8 hours and 53.5km… Not a big deal as I usually look at Strava for my numbers but it is strange.

Kind regards

It’s a know issue.

I was told it was a display issue with the ZCA

Cycling stats in ZCA show last 30 days higher than All Time

I joined Zwift a 3 weeks back i`m the same as you. My “30 days” total doesn’t match my All Time Total when it clearly should.

30 Days - 50 Mile / Time 2hr 43min / Ele 2385ft

All Time - 12 mile / Time 33 min / Ele 240ft ?

The All Time is close to my last ride but not exactly the same ? strange.

Apparently this is still an occasional wrench in the works? I just got a “Your Week On Zwift” e-mail this morning that suggested I did a single 26 mile ride from July 22 - July 28.



I guess the strangest thing (to me) is that I didn’t even do any rides that would round to 26 miles - so where’s the number in the e-mail come from? Totally random? Someone else’s activities?

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The report matches your July 22 ride, with the distance rounded up, and the time and elevation the same in both places.

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Like Joe’s, my weekly report emailed from Zwift includes only the first of my four Zwift rides during the week.

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Thank’s Steve. I figured it out once I realized that Zwift would round any amount over 25 mi up to 26. :+1:t2:

Yes, I experienced the same shortfall on my weekly report… It’s the first time for me that it’s been wrong enough for me to go…wow look at that.

Let’s see if it happens again.

Not the first time I’ve had issues over Zwift data logging, but this weeks report e-mail shows me riding 254 km and climbing 6,531m, where my records (kept on an excel spreadsheet) show me riding 228.2 km and climbing 5,896 m. Over 10% error for both figures. Yet my records agree with the numbers shown on MyZwift?