Zwift Weekly Emails

(Coach) #1

Hey Zwift:

As an endurance athlete, I like looking at my data. But these weekly emails are so absolutely wrong that it is frustrating to receive them each week.



(aka: Coach Christy, Level 36 Rider)

(Mike ) #2

The distance appears to be the difference between miles and kilometres. I hadn’t really been paying attention to the emails but now that you mention it I notice that my weekly distance is also wrong.

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(Coach) #3

Good assessment, but doesn’t explain the difference in time or feet climbed. Also, previous emails have been ‘somewhat’ close to correct but still not accurate.

The email this week was so obvious as I knew I didn’t ride 74 miles, or for 4 1/2 hours.

(Mike ) #4

This week it is in kilometres not miles so I think the distance is correct although my longest ride is wrong. It says 36km, when it was actually 45km. Are Zwift able to roll-out anything without it being buggy?

(Pieter) #5

I’ve also reported this with the first email, but nothing has changed. I just gave up and focus on trying to get the really annoying bugs fixed…

(Steven Robinson (CycleChat)) #6

The problem for me is that the e-mail completely ignores what I did on the Sunday. This week’s e-mail says I did 24 miles between the 8th and the 14th, but that only counts my Tuesday and Thursday rides. The 23 miles I did on Sunday don’t get counted and, based on previous e-mails, it won’t get included on next week’s e-mail either.