Zwift Weekly Emails

Hey Zwift:

As an endurance athlete, I like looking at my data. But these weekly emails are so absolutely wrong that it is frustrating to receive them each week.



(aka: Coach Christy, Level 36 Rider)

The distance appears to be the difference between miles and kilometres. I hadn’t really been paying attention to the emails but now that you mention it I notice that my weekly distance is also wrong.

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Good assessment, but doesn’t explain the difference in time or feet climbed. Also, previous emails have been ‘somewhat’ close to correct but still not accurate.

The email this week was so obvious as I knew I didn’t ride 74 miles, or for 4 1/2 hours.

This week it is in kilometres not miles so I think the distance is correct although my longest ride is wrong. It says 36km, when it was actually 45km. Are Zwift able to roll-out anything without it being buggy?

I’ve also reported this with the first email, but nothing has changed. I just gave up and focus on trying to get the really annoying bugs fixed…


The problem for me is that the e-mail completely ignores what I did on the Sunday. This week’s e-mail says I did 24 miles between the 8th and the 14th, but that only counts my Tuesday and Thursday rides. The 23 miles I did on Sunday don’t get counted and, based on previous e-mails, it won’t get included on next week’s e-mail either.

So these emails are still wildly inaccurate.

Does anyone know what a Zwift week is? Is it Monday to Sunday (inclusive) or Sunday to Saturday (inclusive).

Is it possible to unsubscribe from these emails, and yet still keep the other Zwift emails? For me they are pointless, even if I ignore the inaccuracies!

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  • 156.4km vs 157km (rounding diff)
  • 520m vs 521m (rounding diff)
  • 4hr31min vs 4hr22min (I think this difference is probably due to time in the pen before an event??)

It’s not the first time I have double checked the email numbers. I have yet to see anything weird.

@Mike_Lister_DACE I always rest on Mondays, so I can’t be sure of Mondays, but the Sunday is inclusive. For example, if I look at May 20-26, the numbers are spot on as long as I include Sunday the 26th.

If we only had basic data available to us about our rides in Zwift these emails would become insignificant.

This data is not hard to generate, unless you have a business relationship with Strava which prevents you from presenting this basic data to your Zwift users, the absence of said data makes no sense.

I’m not sure what you are looking for but the the Zwift Companion app has all of this ride information as well as More specifically, in the Companion app you are able to see All Time, 30d, and 7d totals. The 7d totals should match the weekly email summary which thus makes the email insignificant. Perhaps you want to see it in Zwift itself?

I’m looking for more than a 90 day history in my efforts. I want a simple display of want I’ve been able to accomplish in the last couple years at least over whatever course or segment I ride.

I’d hope that Zwift would also assume that my subscription would be based on that fact and more.

Show me only 30 or 90 days worth of data and guess what, i only want to subscribe to the 20$ a month service for 90 days at most, pretty simple.

This is all business 101, I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here, I’m just trying to help Zwift move forward without unnecessary affiliations.

Show me a Zwift that offers exercise totals in whatever time frame i choose and we have a winner.

For real I don’t want emails and I’ve unsubscribed to them but this speaks to a larger issue in my opinion.

The email is Monday to Sunday (inclusive) and it tells you the dates on the email. The app is past 7 days, so for me my email notification never corresponds to my companion app since my timezone is way ahead of Zwift. This said, I also have no idea how the companion app counts the days. I started using Zwift not long ago and for quite a while my 30-day distance and time was more than my all time distance and time. :crazy_face:

I think my emails get mixed up between Metric and Imperial but that only accounts for distance. The time and elevation are way out.

Maybe timezone makes a difference but this is just another basic thing that shouldn’t be an wrong from a multi-million dollar coming.

There are profile settings in the Companion app,, and the Zwift app itself. Ideally, they would all sync up :man_shrugging:

Maybe you double check them all and verify that they are all set the same, including Imperial vs Metric. Then, see if your next weekly email is accurate.

Timezone issues are actually more common than one would expect. It seems simple, but it is something that gets broken all the time by both large and small software companies which ends up breaking other functionality within their products.

It doesn’t help that when I start Zwift it’s pot luck if it will be in metric (as I prefer it) or imperial so that probably isn’t helping either.