Week on Zwift Timing

Hi there,

Small point, but can anyone enlighten me as to how the timings of the “Your Week on Zwift” emails work?

I normally receive mine on a Monday afternoon (UK time) as I did today, and I note that yesterday’s Stage 3 of Haute Route is not included. Likewise my Sunday ride was not included a couple of weeks ago. I guess however it works, it has always worked that way, but I haven’t often ridden on Sunday up to now as it is usually filled with preparation for my week at school, and it is only now that we are in lockdown and I am on a limited rotation that I have started to do it more.

It is a slight frustration in that it doesn’t tie in with my week stats in Strava but definitely a first world problem … just curious as to where the week actually starts and finishes, particularly as the email specifically states that it is Mar 30 - Apr 05 (which is Monday to Sunday).

As I am in the UK, I am 8 hours ahead of Zwift home base’s time zone so when I completed the ride yesterday, both they and I were still on April 5th.


Hi. Not a biggie, but heads up that I just received my “Your Week on Zwift” weekly email and for second week in a row the stats are way off, for instance it says I did 1457m of Climbing and yet I did all 3 stages of the Haute Route, which must have been 3000m or so alone. Likewise says longest ride was 1:41, which was the time I spent on Friday’s Haute Route, so maybe Saturday and Sunday’s longer rides didn’t count for the email at all?

I have posted a question on that as well.

Mine shows stages 1 and 2 (Friday and Saturday) and not 3. Where in the world are you?

I just noticed this week that the weekly summary email from Zwift seems to be missing at least 100km of my rides. Looking back through both the Companion app activities, and my Strava files, my numbers are real and Zwift summary is wrong. All of my rides were free rides - no workouts, races, etc.
Is this a regular occurrence?

Same for me. ~6hr this week, reported as 2 1/4 in the mail.

… and this is not the first time such has occurred.

Luckily, in-game XP/drops/levels still work!

I thought it was a timing issue originally, as if the emails related to another Timezone. However, it’s definitely missing data. Looking at the emails from the last two weeks it’s missing 130km for me.