Week in review email

(Jim Mattson) #1

I like it!

Oddly, today’s email says 13 January to 20 January, yet it doesn’t include my ride from this morning (1400 UTC on 20 January).

(Niels) #2

Same here.

(Daren) #3

I guess it depends on when their “official” week runs from and to. Obviously, if it’s based on a master time (e.g. UTC) then individuals will get odd results depending on which time zone they’re in.

Ideally it would reflect timezones in the data.

But also, 13-20 is an “8 day” period since they are both Sundays. So I would assume it means something like 0000 Jan 13 to 0000 Jan 20. It should be 0000 Jan 13 to 2359:59 Jan 19 (Sunday - Saturday) if Zwift think the week starts on Sunday.

Personally, I think the week starts on Monday, so would prefer stats for 0000 Jan 14th to 23:59 Jan 20th anyway. =)

My last activity was Jan 10th, so I haven’t had one myself.

(Jim Mattson) #4

Zwift already implements a “week” for weekly goals, and that week starts on Monday. To have a different concept of a week for the weekly summary is needlessly confusing.

(Daren) #5

That’s in line with what I’m saying. The week starts on Monday, so you’d expect the “Week in review” to be 0000 Jan 14 to 2359 Jan 20. Jan 13 - Jan 20 just makes it confusing.