12wk winter plan advanced weeks 8-12

(Martin Kühn) #1

hello there,

as time progresses week 8 is needed, i guess a cpl of other guys are in need of this awesome plan, too. i would really apreciate if it would be online before next tuesday. Best regards and Merry Christmas.

(Bram Drinktank) #2

Still no update, this is kinda disappointing.

(Martin Kühn) #3

i’m pretty sure you guys at strava are super busy. i started the plan with the promise in earlier contacts that it is going to be aivailable at the time when it is needed. so please create one happyy customer :D. i dont know what to train in week 8 which starts today! regards

(Bram Drinktank) #4

Guess this means goodbye to Zwift for me then…

(Martin Kühn) #5

thank you guys so much for the update! best regards

(Jochen Leissner) #6

thank you too. i 've been waiting too.
is it possible that there are two minor mistakes in the plan?
in week 9:
Day 2 exists twice (both Day 2’s are different one’s)
in week 10:
Day 2 does not exist.