12 weeks winter plan advanced overview

Hi there.

I’m pretty new to Zwift and enjoyed my first rides so far. Yesterday I started the 12 weeks winter plan (advanced) and was wondering if there is an overview online with the upcoming training units. Just to plan the next weeks. :wink:

Thanks for your help and keep on riding!


This is a great resource for that:


Ride on ! 

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing the resource, Tom. This is great information!

I’m a bit confused on this training plan.  It says that it’s advanced, but when I look at the plan details, the wattage is mostly at 75-100 watts, which is crazy slow.  Even for the 3hr ride duration of some of the sessions, it’s still only at 75 watts, which is hardly moving.  

Is this plan meant more for beginner riders?  Am I missing something?  



For the workouts he has set his FTP @ 100 so that we can figure out the percentage FTP for our intervals. you will have a higher FTP depending on your fitness level.


see his first Paragraph:

I set the FTP to 100 for each of these so you can easily see and figure out the percentage of FTP for each of the intervals.

Thanks. That makes perfect sense, and now I feel dumb.  ;)   

12wk trainer, here I come.   

Glad i could help.

My intent was not to make you feel “dumb”.


Enjoy the training.



Greatly appreciated.


I was joking about the dumb part…I just should have paid more attention to the details. :frowning:    

Is 12wk Winter plan (advanced) for amateurs to?