10-12wk FTP builder

Anyone completed this and thought to repeat with a higher ftp setting? How much did you increase it for the second run? Was it too high/low or about right? Did you try a third run increasing again?

I did this once over a winter/spring a few years ago, I would say it’s the best plan on zwift, I don’t know how much my ftp increased but it was well worth the time spent, maybe tailor it to your own needs, 6 -8 weeks of sweet spot should raise your ftp, the beauty of this plan there is plenty of important zone 2, many zwift plans are too high intensity focused while that may bring quick results it’s just not sustainable. I would build your own, after this 12 weeks you have enough workouts to mix and match, do 6 weeks, then a ftp test, then another, maybe throw in a zwift race instead of one of the higher intensity workouts.

Thanks Basil,
I’m just about to start week 10 of this. Tried the 6 week ftp builder 6 months back, but injured my back, so probably agree that one is a bit intense too quickly. Appreciate your response, I’ll probably do a test after the twelfth week, then take a break for a week or two - it’s been quite a challenge fitting in 5 sessions per week, I think the wife thinks I’m nuts! Maybe try repeating it again as the season is coming to the end - aiming to increase the ftp from 300 to 320. Don’t want to go too high or low, what are your thoughts on this, please?
Thanks, Stu

Something I’m doing now is ADZ almost daily (yesterday twice) on Road to Sky and riding at particular power levels and watching the heart rate, no ERG mode - so I go up and down the gears a lot and just try to keep to particular power, heart rate and cadence.

I am getting the benefits. Even on days with tired legs you get used to it.

I tried some workouts for a while and just didn’t enjoy them as much. Another angle to try.

So, just like doing a workout outside, but inside. :blush:

I’ve done similar, especially on days when I needed to do a workout, but also wanted to complete a Tour of Watopia group ride. Just a matter of writing out a series of times and wattages and following them.

On ADZ, you have the sectors (each section) with the info panel on the top left showing average heart rate, average power and time (even the PR) for each sector. It’s very handy.

All you do is just ride and change gears. It’s a good workout because you aren’t always just cranking away at steady 100rpm with no changes, you have to adjust when it cranks up to 13-14% from say 8-9% - you won’t always have exactly the right gear.

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Hi Stuart.
You should be about done, i’m sure once rested your ftp will improve, I would not re-do the 12 weeks, from week 5 maybe, 2 blocks of 4 with a easier week every third week, maybe you will need to introduce some Vo2 workouts or a race just to bump things up a bit, but be mindful the easier weeks are when the magic is supposed to happen.