Increasing FTP

Hey gang,


I completed my FTP test and am going to do the 6 week FTP builder program.  My question is - do I set the FTP on each ride at my current FTP or should I set it at the level I’d like to be at in 6 weeks?  And what is an attainable percentage increase for this with a full effort?   I’m already in great shape, just not cycling shape. :) 




Hi Cara. This needs to be your current FTP not the FTP you want to achieve. 

There are many factors so its difficult to say what your increase will be. But I think you will benefit a great deal from a structured training programme for 6 weeks particularly if you are not in cycling shape. Do your best to stick to the plan even if it seems hard or easy for a while - it’s part of a bigger programme.

You have done the correct thing to do the test - having an accurate indoor FTP is important.

I’ve nearly completed week 1 of the 4 week FTP Booster, so it will be interesting to see if the effect of that workout program on my FTP. I’m actually quite enjoying sticking to a plan and having a workout to complete every day (a mini daily target to achieve).

Good Luck!

Thank you John!  I will leave it as it then! perfect.


I agree, a structured plan is the best way to see progression. I’m looking forward to my re-test in 6 weeks! 



Cheers Cara, yes looking forward to my FTP test as well - about three weeks to go! 

Yeah leave your FTP as it is now. However if you’re doing an interval workout and finding the intervals too easy you can increase the power from the Zwift Mobile Link.

Your increases will depend on where you are now. The higher your FTP gets the less the increases become.

Hey guys, was just going to post a similar thread so I will copy and paste it here.

New to Zwift and haven’t even ridden yet as waiting for Campy freehub.

What I was wondering is with the 12 week ftp booster (for example) would you increase your ftp input week on week as you’d just be repeating the workout otherwise. I’ve read about checking every 4-6 weeks but it seems to me you’d be doing the same workout for 6 weeks doing that.

I’m thinking along the lines of progressive overload as per a weight lifting program.

And if you would, by how much. I don’t even know my ftp but let’s say it’s 200. Would I increase maybe by 5 a week and see how I go.