Week 5 Advanced Winter Plan - Where is it?

(Mark Haddock) #1

Hi Chaps, just about to start week 5 of the Advanced Winter Plan and have discovered it isn’t there?  When will this arrive please?


(Michael Henasey) #2

Workout says its coming in the next update. Maybe this coming Thursday or the following?



(Jon Mayfield) #3

Sorry guys, it didn’t end up making it into the update.  I know it isn’t optimal but in case you want to do it manually Week 5 looks like this

Monday - Weights, non-cycling exercise, or rest


  • 10 minute warmup
  • 20 minutes of 1 minute left/right one legged pedalling 
  • 15 minutes at 70% FTP
  • 10x 1minute at 135RPM, 2 minutes at 90RPM
  • 15 minutes at 100% FTP
  • 15 minutes cool down


  •  15 minute warmup
  • 10x 1minute at 50rpm 90% FTP, 1 minute at 90rpm 50% FTP
  • 15 minutes cooldown


  • 90 minutes easy spin. Do what you want but keep it <70% FTP.

Friday  - Weights, non-cycling exercise, or rest

Saturday - Endurance Ride

  • 15 minute warmup, with a few 1 minute portions over 100rpm
  • 2 hours at 70% FTP
  • 15 minute cooldown

Sunday  - Endurance Ride

  • 15 minute warmup, with a few 1 minute portions over 100rpm
  • 1 hour at 75% FTP
  • 15 minute cooldown

(Mark Haddock) #4

Thanks for the feedback.  I decided to gon holiday for that week in the end. When will it be updated?

(Martin Kühn) #5


same over here. just dived into week4. when will week5 etc be online available? thanks

(Lindsay Ruppert) #6

Week 5 of the Winter training plan will be in by the end of this week. Thanks for your patience!

Ride on!

(Bram Drinktank) #7

Oh come on Zwift, again failed to properly implement single leg efforts. Does anyone even review the workouts?

(Rod Olliver) #8

Thanks Lindsay, Jon,  Week 6 is coming too, right?  :)

(Martin Kühn) #9

Thanks so much for wk 6. Right now i really got the bio feedback from my body from the past 5 weeks of training with the plan as the adaption arrives :)). So i would really like to continue with this story. I need the updates for the missing weeks (6-12). Would be so Great and i really do appreciate your Job on this. Regards from Germany