MTB training plan

Seems like we still don’t have any MTB plans from Zwift yet? Does anyone have a suggestion on an existing plan that might work for someone looking to do a 4 day XC stage race with 3-4 hours of riding/day (the race not the training). Never trained with power, haven’t even done my FTP test yet. Should I just go for a  general FTP builder? Should I just stump up for TrainerRoad and use Zwift for the fun stuff? 

Hey Stuart, I’m primarily a MTBer using Zwift for winter fitness. I’m not training for a specific event like you are, but I’ve worked my way through Zwift’s 4 week FTP builder twice, mixed with some races and group rides. 

My increase in FTP has made a noticeable difference on the MTB, by not struggling so much with my aerobic fitness I can concentrate on the technical side of MTB when I manage to get out.

Get a FTP test done, start the 4 week builder (or 12 week) and wait for the increase. It’s definitely made a difference to my MTBing. Ride on. 

Nice one thanks Kris, have just started the 10 week (at week 3 though).