Training Plans Sequence for long MTB Events

Im thinking about starting a TP but cant understand exactly what is more suitable for my objectives and the sequence to follow from base/build to speciality.

My objective is to get a good solid base and build followed for a speciality plan for long MTB marathons.
Have a solid around 10.000kms for the last couple of years and with some structured training (only for part of each season) mainly using Wahoo Systm and TrainerRoad.

1 - Wich Zwift plans are considered Base plans and wich are in fact Build phase plans?:thinking:

2 - I’ve looked at the Build me Up 12 and the FTP Builder 12 weeks plans but cant be sure on exactly wich one to pick, are they more base or build or a bit of both?:thinking:

3 - After one of the above Im considering the Dirt Destroyer 6 weeks or the Single Track Slayer 10 weeks but which of them is more suitable for long distance MTB events? :thinking:
They look more suitable for XCO and smaller marathon races where you need more power and cope with constant surges while in long over 100km MTB marathons a more steady power is needed.

I’ve been looking for information and everything I’ve read so far about the Zwift TP doesn’t clear up my doubts.


You’re probably better off writing your own or purchasing one from a coaching company on Training Peaks.

I don’t think any of Zwift’s plans are a good fit for what you’re after, and they’re definitely not tailored to you as an individual.

Appreciate the opinion but would also appreciate some info on the questions. I´m not turning pro at 48 y/o just want to that my time on the trainer is enjoyable and “profitable” in the sense of making me gain some fitness instead of just riding randomly.

Of those I’ve only done Build Me Up and enjoyed it. It’s slightly mad but entertaining. You’ll do a fair bit of work and build a bit of fitness but it’s not particularly focused.

None of the plans really line up with the base, build and race (specialty in TR-speak) model, I don’t think.

I guess if you really want to follow a Zwift plan, identify how much time you have to ride on how many days per week and start narrowing down the options from there.

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Thanks I’ve antecipated your reply and yesterday evening looked at those Im more keen to do and found that the build me up inspite looking overall a good option for a kind of mix base/build phase it has some over 1h workouts mid week wich i’ll probably wont have time to complete. 60 to 75 minutes is my top time available from monday to friday and not all of those days I can do more than 1h because I also need time for strenght and mobility workouts off bike.

Such a shame there’s so many workouts and plans on Zwift but there’s no sequence or logic in picking them one after each other has a full season plan. Some of then dont event finish with a tapper pre race week.

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Yeah, I’ve heard the epression “hot mess” used to describe Zwift’s training offering and it’s hard to disagree.

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