Help with basetraining

Hi everyone, 

I have a question about basetraining. I am pretty new at road cycling, been riding mountainbike since two years now (about 100km a week) and started with a road bike some 6 months ago. (about 100-150 Km. a week).

Next year (in about ten months from now) I am going to do a massive ride from Italy to holland in eight days. The training program starts in january and i want to build a solid base before that (so in 4,5 months). I want to use Zwift for that to take out outside factors out and the need for a structured workout program. (Trainerroad I didn’t like for rides more then 1,5 hours and Zwift works better for me)

Now my current FTP is 181, i weigh in at 101 kilo’s but steadily going down from 127 and will be around 85 by the end of this year. But I am a bit torn at which program to do in Zwift to get the best base possible. At the moment I am thinking about following the 12 week winter plan followed up by 6 week FTP builder. And still have an option to the 4 week ftp booster after that. My FTP needs to be at around 250 by january with 85 kg. as weight target. 

Any thoughts if that is going to help me, or any suggestions for other workouts in Zwift that will net me better results in that given time? I’m a bit a loss at the moment.

Sorry for the long text and hopefully someone can give me a reply on this, would be much apreciated!



You plan is spot on and a safe bet.



You could also have a shot at the 4 week plan now and kickstart your your FTP, (if you can handle  the 4 week plan),

Then take a week off, and start the 12 week winter plan with a higher FTP from the get-go. 

Then decide what to do from there on. 

You might find at that stage that the 6 and 10-12wk Zwift plans lack enough workload for you. And you may want to either repeat the 4 week plan, or design your own, or head back to TR which has the best plans still unfortunately. 

That said, personally I’m hoping Zwift adds some desperately needed Sweetspot Base training plans and harder/longer FTP plans ala those that Trainer Road has, and at various workloads for different levels of riders. That would make Zwift the complete package. 





Here’s a bit of different approach. Maybe in your long 12 week plan take a break from ‘work-out mode’.

Ride the Pretzel Course or the PRL half and just do some distance at a speed that seems right for you. On another day, enter a race. sometimes you may get left behind but some days you will find a group at about your pace and it will push you at times in a different way then training in solo mode. After all, you are training for a group ride, not a time trial event.

Search for a ride or race that seems interesting to you. Try the next E-fondo 

It’s this Sat night unless your in Australia (Sunday morning)