Advice needed on choosing a training plan

Hi there !

I’m looking for advice about how to use zwift efficiently. I’m 36, a little bit overweight (165cm for 70kg, basically I would need to shed 10 kilos of fat haha), I have cycled a lot in the past, not so much for the past 3 years due to injury. I have now decided to get serious again ! When I started zwift a few years ago I had the ftp set at 200, but I had a cheap tacx flux. I now have a kickr so accuracy-wise I guess it’s better now

I am now in the middle of the ftp 4wk booster. I started at 170 but upped the ftp at 180. It doesn’t feel too easy, but it doesn’t feel so hard either, I think I could reasonnably up it a little bit but currently I enjoy the not so hard workouts.

So after the ftp booster, what should I do in your opinion ? I looked at the active offseason training plan, I’m not sure it suits me : the workouts are very long (2h30+ per workout). I would prefer more workouts per week, but each shorter (1h to 1h30 is fine, 2h at a stretch sometimes).

Thanks !

Consider how much time you have to commit to it. If you like 1 to 1.5 hour workouts and are up for 4 to 5 per week, the Build Me Up plan is pretty solid.

I’d suggest doing an FTP test and letting the system set your FTP accurately for you. Part of the benefit of these training plans is based upon having an accurate FTP so they push you to your limits but don’t break you. If set too low, you are not getting the benefit out of the time spent in training because you are not stressing your body to the level the plan was designed for.