Training plan suggestion

Hello everyone,

I’m slowly getting back in shape after a surgery where I wasn’t able to train for few months.
I’ve been cycling for 10 years and always trained since then, been racing and always been following a training plan by my coach.

This time though I’d like to do a training plan on Zwift, with the aim to be in a good shape for March 2024.

I’m currently doing build me up lite and I like it. It’s a bit soft but it’s okay for now. When I finish I’d like to do a training plan a bit harder, 3 workouts x week for the first months and max 4
hours on the bike to start with.

What would you suggest me?

By the way I’m 38, 72kg and my FTP should be 230-240W at the moment.

Thank you

For that amount of training load Build Me Up Lite is one of the better options available. If it’s too easy you could use the FTP bias to make it a little harder. Or if you have more time than it requires you could add some zone 2 rides such as the Robo Pacers. Being off the bike for a while probably means you could use more of that. The full Build Me Up plan is also a good one, and you could pick the workouts you have time for and mark the rest as completed. Since you’ve been coached you can probably also consult your prior training and pick individual workouts that replicate what worked for you. Spend some time picking them via and put them on a calendar.

Thanks a lot!

By the way I’m thinking to do the Build me up plan, but I see that the plan has 4 workouts x week. Can I do 3 x week instead? Does it matter?