What next?

I’m new to Zwift and cycling, I have just finished the 12w/build-me-up training plan. Love it! my FTP changed from 150w-> 270W. I have lost about 20Kg too along the way. I looked into the FTP builder plan, it seems too easy. What is the best plan to get the FTP up?

Best is Build Me Up :grinning:

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time to start racing with that new FTP :wink:

Hi @Hanoh_Haim, welcome to Zwift and Zwift Forums! I’m Oscar, working with Zwift.

@Paul_Southworth @Mike_Rowe1. Thanks for sharing!

Hanoh, we’re happy to see that you are joining our training plan and I’d like to mention that we offer a number of awesome training plans in Zwift, such as:

  1. Back to Fitness
  2. Build Me Up
  3. Build Me Up Lite
  4. CRIT Crusher
  5. Dirt Destroyer
  6. FTP Builder

You’ll notice that they show if they’re for beginners, intermediate or advanced, for more details you can check out this article. We’re pretty sure you’ll rock this!

If by any chance you need help with anything along the way, remember that you can contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help!

Ride On.

@Oscar.R thanks a lot, the plans are great as they give you a way to structure the training. I think I will repeat the great plan “Build Me Up” with my new FTP, hopefully the FTP will be up after that :slight_smile:

@Mike_Rowe1 thanks for the advice, I’ve started to Race, it is too hard to do it every day :slight_smile: I’m at maximum output for 40-60 min. It is good once a week

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Yeah race every day would be too hard, not a sound training plan, but two races a week and some zone 2 rides works pretty well. It’s not as intentional as a real training plan but not bad if you ever want a break from doing structured training.