What training plan to do next?


I have been of injured (knee) for the last 5 months and the doctor has now given me the go ahead to do a bit more on the bike. To start off a bit easier I went back to basics and have done the Zwift 101: Cycling plan. I’m not sure what to do next. Do I do FTP builder, Fondo, build me up???

I’ve had to pull out of Ironman Wales this year as I won’t get the training in (I’m still not aloud to do running or other high impact activities) and so would welcome any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


I am doing the ‘build me up’ plan. I am liking that a lot.

More thoughts on build me up. I read an article from a pro cycling coach. His thought on most Zwift training plans is that they save the hardest work for the end and don’t do enough steady state riding. He said those two things are not good. The build me up plan seems to follow his thoughts on what a training plan should look like in his experience. Although that is my analysis. He didn’t mention the build me up plan or any zwift plan specifically.

Hi Mitch, thanks for the info.
How often do you do a FTP test? It’s been a while since I did my last one and I don’t particularly relish the thought of having to do another one!!! However, I know I should so that the thresholds are all set at the right level.

I don’t do them often but I used the new ramp test that zwift has before I started build me up. It is much shorter and seems to have been pretty accurate for me.

I saw the Ramp Test. It looked savage! based on the watts it is expecting me to produce I won’t make it past the first few 1 minute blocks!