Advice on workouts after training plan


I’m quite new to Zwift. I signed up in December and almost immediately started the Build Me Up training plan which I have found to be fantastic, excellent encouragement and it’s made a huge different to my fitness. I’ve just started week 12, so the final week with my FTP test at the end which I’m looking forward to and dreading in equal measure!

I’ve started looking at the ad hoc workouts available on Zwift for after it finishes. I don’t want to sign up for another plan yet as I want more time to ride outside now the weather is improving, so was wondering whether there was anything specifically targeted at maintaining an FTP level? I’ve been looking through them on What’s On Zwift but can’t find anything, and there are so many available it’s difficult to know quite what to choose. Being quite new to it all I’ve found the structure of the training plan really useful, ie the knowledge that it’s all designed to fit together and different workouts complementing each other, so am slightly nervous of going it alone and my training not being very effective.

Also, is it possible to access individual workouts from the BMU plan? Some of them have been really good and I’d like to repeat them, but from what I can see they can be accessed only as part of the plan.


You can import an individual workout of you choice. Many if not all Zwift workouts are available here Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift?

You can download them and use them as you wish.

Thanks Ales, I’ve looked through them on there but didn’t know they could be downloaded. I can’t see a download option though, where is it? And presumably it then needs to be imported into Zwift somewhere? Thanks!

Maybe I’ve missed something, but I didn’t think you could download them.

They’re easy enough to recreate in Zwift’s workout builder though. Or in a 3rd party one.

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Someone already made them all

That’s fantastic, thanks!