Training plan not complete?

Hello fellow Zwifters,

I am still quite new to Zwift but I managed to complete the FTP Builder training plan and raise my FTP quite a bit. So happy with the results but still a bit unsure on what Zwift wants me to do next.

In my companion app as on the application itself it says that I am still enrolled in the plan even though I have 24/24 workouts completed apart from the optional recovery rides. When I select another plan it warns me I’m about to lose all of my progress of the current plan which I don’t want because is there any goodies you receive from completing a training plan? When I look closely at the green circle next to the 24/24 workouts I see it’s not completely filled up but has a tiny little gap. Has that something to do with it? I collected 339 stars I think in the plan, is that the issue maybe?

Hey have just come here to ask the same
Q! Let me know guys would be nice to know my progress will be saved somewhere (but am
A little confused as there’s been no message saying training plan complete or anything!)

Hi Hannah,

Sunday I saw that I had 3 hours left to complete the optional workouts I didn’t do during the training plan. I didn’t bother to do them anyway and just let the timer run out. Yesterday I completed a workout through different means than Zwift and the end it did just congratulate me with completing the training plan. As a reward you get socks with the logo of the training plan. I didn’t see any XP reward however so the rewards might be not that awesome.

The timing was very weird though since I completed all the mandatory workouts for 2 weeks already and in the meanwhile I couldn’t start a new plan since then all my progress would be lost. The text in the companion app is also a little confusing since every optional workout is available ‘until Sunday’ but the week after on Monday it is still available. They should just add a date or remove the optional workouts how it is stated.

Hope this helps.