Zwift Build Me Up Training Plan

A couple of questions on the Build Me Up training plan.

  1. I enrolled today and Week1 starts tomorrow (Monday). I have just done one of the prep sessions today but I am not going to be able to cram in the other two before tomorrow. Can I just add these into my Week 1 or is this just going to show as me missing two sessions throughout?

  2. Should I be doing FTP tests at points during the 10wks or do I need to keep this constant? I have read a few different things on this so keen to get a direct answer to this question. I have also read that there are FTP tests scheduled as part of the programme but I can’t see these when I look on the Companion App.

I would be super grateful for any advice here.

Thanks, Adam

I enrolled in this plan three weeks ago so am well placed to help.

  1. You need to do a ftp test before starting on the main plan. I think you’ll find this under the workout section. This will give you your baseline ftp score. The entire premise of this plan as I understand it is based around sweet spot training. As you go through the workouts they’ll tell you that sweet spot training will produce gains without a lot of accumulated fatigue. Each workout is specific to your ftp. If you dont do a ftp test at the outset you simply wont get the maximum benefit from the plan.

  2. The plan itself is known for its lack of flexibility. I have missed workouts and once you miss them they expire and lock. The plan itself says dont worry if you miss one…just go onto the next one. I have found a reasonable way around the workouts expiring. Each are named and a simple google search took me to a website which shows you each step in each plan. On that website you have the option of inputting your ftp and once in…you’re shown what wattage you should be working at. You can then create a ‘custom workout’ in zwift which is now a duplicate of the one you’ve just missed. You have to create the custom workout using a computer…you cant create it using apple tv for example as I found out. Once you’ve done the custom workout just go back to the training plan and beneath the unavailable or locked workout (the one you missed) you’ll see an option to click called ’ I DID IT’. Click that and it mark’s the workout in the training plan as done.

  3. I think at the very end of the ‘build me up’ plan there is an ftp test to do. Doing it at the end of the 12 week plan should show you an increased ftp…ie the gains you’ve made.

Hope that makes sense and good luck.

Always enroll in a training plan on Monday, the beginning of the week.

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Is there a way to cancel the plan and then enrol again tomorrow then?

Thanks for all of the information. I have done an FTP but just wondered if you should keep doing them over the course of the programme to capture any improvements over the period? Or should you keep it fixed and then just capture the improvement with a test at the end? Thanks

Yes, in the training plan menu, scroll all the way to the left and you will see an option to cancel.

Thanks mate. Will probably do that then. My OCD won’t cope with having missed some! :rofl:

Do you know whether or not you should be doing FTP tests throughout or just one at the beginning and one at the end?

That is a personal choice, Some people do one every 4 weeks or so. It is fine to just wait until the end of the program too.

Thanks mate

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I will just add that this plan has three basic sections. The first month is basically sweet spot training. The second month is VO2 Max month. And the final month puts it all together. Notable workouts include yellow unicorn, purple unicorn, mosaic, exigent, and some others.

You can alternatively use this site and select the workouts individually:

It will explain how to download the workouts into Zwift if necessary. Also a useful site for various workouts and training plans.