Advice on winter build up training, leading to concentrated training for Ironman

Hi All,

I’m hoping you might be able to help me???

I have looked around this forum and the Zwift training plans and I can’t find quite what I’m looking for.
I’m after some recommendations on building up my bike fitness ready for an Ironman next summer.

For info, I have already completed 2 Ironman events (Austria and Lanzarote) and missed the bike cut off in Wales 2018. I was very ill 10 days before the event, and looking at my health and training data, my coach said it wasn’t my fitness that stopped me but the illness! However, I’m now paranoid about my biking ability.

Anyway, I haven’t biked for the last year, so I now want to get back in the saddle and build my fitness over the next 4-6 months before following a structure IM training plan.

I’m thinking I should start right back at the beginning, and with the basics, as any bike fitness will have gone. I have been running and doing strength and conditioning work. So something like:
Please could make suggestions on what training plans I should follow? I’m thinking :

  • Zwift 101
  • FTP test
  • Build me up - 13 weeks
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

I’ve also looked for Ironman bike training plans to follow on Zwift i.e week 1 day 1 do x, week 1 day 2 do y etc etc. Are there any Zwift plans that are as descriptive as this? I know riding outside is always better and helps to gain the bike handling skills etc but with the good old British weather I’m lot happier being in the pain cave with Zwift…

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

With respect to just Zwift and what they offer, do an FTP test/Ramp test and then do the Build Me Up training plan. Then try out the Multi-sport Mixer training program to combine some running and cycling workouts for seven weeks to see how that works out. Perhaps a real coach would help.

Thanks for the advice. its on the lines of what I was thinking.