Ironman plan

Hi I plan to do an ironman in 2024 is there any training plan for that on zwift ? Thanks

I’d probably pick Build Me Up and then do some long rides afterwards. Zwift Insider has a series of articles and videos about the plan.

You might want to look at the Zwift Academy Tri workouts for running and cycling years 2019-2022. You will find them under the Collections option or within the list of All Workouts.

I’m not sure they are plans as such but certainly workouts you can include within your own training plan. You can also save and customise them to be longer or shorter than the set time which is usually around an hour for cycling and probably 45 mins for running.

The web will give you some basic Ironman training plans and advice, some free and some that will charge. I believe, but have never done, that some of those paid for plans can be imported into Zwift.

I’m sure some Triathletes here will point you in the right direction.

Thank u Paul

It’s a pity but no choice !