Ironman Training

Hi there, I am training for my second Ironman, I have used the Grand Fondo training plan on Zwift but would welcome more structured training over longer periods, is there a training plan that help with that?

How much of a longer period? There’s the 10-12wk FTP builder for example.

I’m no expert, but I think any long term training plan is going to be broken down into smaller periods. For the sake of illustration, say you do the FTP builder, pootle for a couple of weeks to recover, then do the FTP builder again.

Thanks Darren, I see your point.
Most widely followed Ironman training plan is over 30 weeks splits into 3 phases
10 weeks base, 10 weeks build and 10 weeks peak
the first period is focused on building aerobic fitness, the second on strength and endurance, later on speed is added

Zwift enables you to create your own workouts and training plans, so maybe you could adapt a plan from somewhere else. Or think about what you’re trying to work out, and pick workouts based on that.

Here are a bunch from TRI247 for example: