Suggestion about New Training Plans:

First of all, I really like the newly added training plans! They give a lot of choices to  my workout-routine.

My question is: I can not determine what plan suits me best, since I want to train on the trainer 2-3 times a week on Monday through Friday and then have one or two long (> 100km) outdoor rides at the weekend.

I tried the “grand fondo 100km” but now, after the second workout it tells me to prepare for the long ride at the weekend, which is like 70 minutes on the trainer.

What training plan would you suggest? My goal is to higher my ftp and raise my overall strength.

Thank you for your help!

The way training plans currently work, there’s no way to edit the wait time between each workout. The scheduling is purposeful to make each plan best benefit participants. Without it, included workouts could be done back-to-back or in a series that doesn’t provide the same results.

We are proposing a few changes to our Training Plans soon, so that may change. Until then, we do offer many of the included stand-alone workouts that you can ride any time. You can also import some of the hundreds of workouts offered through sites like What’s On Zwift.–Sharing-Importing-Custom-Workouts-zwo-files-

Perhaps our other members can offer a few suggestions for specific workouts or training plans that fit your schedule a bit better.