Training Plans - Unscheduled

When I use Zwift this winter I’ll only be using Workouts (while watching some movies/shows). I’ll ride outside as much as possible (Toronto area, so we have winter but there is plenty of opportunities to ride outdoors with the right bike and gear), so I won’t be riding indoors on a scheduled basis. I want to loosely use a training plan or selection of 5-10 workouts that I can quickly find and start up (not very easy on an iPhone!). Lastly, I’m not looking to get faster or increase FTP; I just ride indoors to maintain fitness for enjoying outdoor riding. That said, I prefer riding Zwift close to FTP for long intervals simply because I find it more comfortable than say at 50-70% FTP.

Is there a Workout training plan or two in particular that I can easily select and then dive into a workout (any you recommend based on what I’ve said above)? Or 10 workouts that spring to mind, that you like and fit above?


Given your objective, why not just pick a Pace Partner that offers a pace at or just under threshold?

I don’t generally use workouts but hope following links might give you some helpful reading material.

Examples of Zwift Workouts using predominantly Z4 training.

Method to move your Custom Workout folder to top of your workout list.

Creating your own workouts based on your requirements.

Zwift’s info on workouts.

I understand over the next couple of months the new Home Screen will be modified to improve filtering and finding workouts so above items may hopefully become redundant fairly soon.