Zwift training plan < 90min

Hi all,

I was looking at the built-in Zwift training plans the other day, but I couldn’t find one that suits my needs : the 12-week winter plan seemed interesting but the number of sessions/week and the length of some sessions is too high. I don’t want to stay on my trainer more than 1h30, and I would prefer a plan with 3 workouts/sessions per week.

Anyone knows a good training plan with max 3-4 workouts per week and between 45 and 90 minutes for each individual workout ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Cédric. It looks like the “8 wk Race Day Prep” training plan fits your criteria (3-4 times per week, and mostly 45-90 min sessions). The “10-12 wk FTP Builder” is 4-5 times per week, but you could just drop a session or two each week. Alternatively, you could do the “12 wk Winter Plan (advanced),” but just spread it out by adding in you own rest days, picking up where you left off each day you want to ride. Hope this helps!

Hello Nick,

The problem with the “12wk Winter plan (advanced)” is that it has horrible 3h sessions ! I have no issues doing that outside but on the trainer is another story !

Your other suggestions could indeed work if I either drop a session or spread it on 1.5/2 weeks. For example, I could do the “6wk Beginner FTP Builder” on 8 weeks.

I’m wondering what’s better though: drop one or two workouts every week or do all workouts in the plan but on a longer total duration ?

I would suggest doing all of the workouts, but just over a longer duration. In some of the workout plans, however, there are workouts that appear to be low intensity “rest” days, which you could drop, given that you’ll have non-riding rest days. Good luck!