Help with training plan selection/interruption (overall endurance)

Hi there,

I’m a hobby mountainbiker, the sports I do most are ski touring/skiing in winter and mountainbiking/hiking in summer. I also do weight training 2 days a week.

I now want to increase my (overall) endurance with Zwift and prepare for summer mountain biking.

I saw there are a lot of training plans like this: but those are fixed plans for each weekday which doesn’t work for me if I do weight training twice a week or go skiing etc.

How would I handle this, just leave out days? Use individual workout sessions?
When using individual workouts, should I switch between strength and endurance such as in the above linked plan? (I do deadlifts and squats in my weight training).

Any input/help is appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi Christoph,

Firstly I am no coach, this is my personal opinion. The 6wk FTP builder is a great plan. I would follow the plan in order, so not skipping the workouts but rather moving it to the following day, so your 6 weeks will become 8 weeks. The plan have on average 4 workouts per week, so you can fit your 2 weight training days and a rest day.

Listen to your body take a few days off every 4 weeks.

Thank you @Gerrie_Delport - just a quick question: Is it possible to “delay” days?
I just came across: Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility
which made me think it is not.

I’m thinking about the Build me up training plan as well.

Thank you!

Most of those workouts are in Zwift and you can do them whenever you want. There are two ways to do workouts one is by selecting a Plan (Option 2) and the other is to do them individuality (Option 1). I prefer to do them individually (Option 1).

I don’t think build me up is available in workouts (Option 1)

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Ah I understood - now this post makes sense:

Thanks a lot! I’ll start with 6 weeks ftp