Good Workouts to build Endurance

Hi there,

I have not used Zwift’s workout features much, but after a fall off in the time I have available to ride (not being able to commute on the bike during Winter any more) my endurance has dropped off quite a bit.

Can anyone recommend a good series of workouts designed to build endurance above everything else (and particularly climbing endurance if possible). Had several pokes around in the different workout options, but just lacking any simple pointers to what I might find most helpful at this point.

Thanks in advance.

“Fondo” workplan?

4 weeks, not many workouts per week and length of big ride builds up each week, so you might have time to supplement it with some outdoor z5 4-8min efforts and/or some 5-20min “sprint” races on Zwift.

I’m about to get changed to do ZwiftPower - Login 1215 BST sprint race, been doing them since early Jan, they’ve been great for getting me ready for my local climbs in the South Downs.

I was looking for the same thing a couple of years ago, and chose the le’tape and absa workouts which definitely worked better for me than ftp builder and some other plans.

Thanks both,

Will have a look at those two and see how I get on.


Are you able to build your own workouts in Zwift?

If so, I’d start with doing some 2x30min at 80% with about 8 minutes rest at 50% in between them. That’s the base.

When those are okay, start increasing the percentage a bit and reduce the cadence. Dropping the cadence to 65rpm will help but it will hurt.

My other go to workouts during that time:
4x10min at 88%, 5 minutes rest at 50%
4x10min at 90%, rest as before
4x10min with smaller rest sections.

Increase the length of the blocks or reduce rest time as the weeks progress and you get better.

You could do 4x15min if you wanted, depending on time you have. I was time crunched so tried to get them done quickly. Always do some sort of warmup before the start.

By the end I aim to be having very short recovery/rest sections between them. That’s always worked for me preparing for riding in the mountains where I ride at 90+rpm.

Thanks Chris,

Have set up the 2 x 30 version and will see how I get on with that … with the others in my back pocket to have a go with as appropriate.


Not a workout but for me I tend to ride either Alpe or Ventoux. The latter is a good workout for sure. If not those pick a relatively longer route with the elevation you want.