Cycle Training Advice

I am new to Zwift and I am looking for a training plan to increase my endurance, as I have to cycle from Edinburgh to London in 12 weeks time. 450 miles over 4 days. Can anyone recommend a good training plan, that I can use when I can’t get out on the road due to the weather?

Try 2-4 hour zone 2.
You will be riding over 100 miles daily x 4 days.
You just need lots of endurance but need to avoid an injury.
Go long, slow and easy is my suggestion.

Hopefully you have some experience riding longer rides.

Thanks Tim, my longest ride is about 74 miles. But weather permitting I normally do about the 50 mile mark.
Looking at the map it’s all down hill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you have an Intervals account (free or paid), it would be interesting to see what answers you get from the coaches that monitor their forum page.

When I started with Zwift which coincided with doing more longer road bike rides I did the gran fondo plan. It has 1 long ride a week which starts at around an hour and build up to just over 3 hours by the end which just got me used to being in the saddle for longer periods.

Depending on how your cadence is and if you care, but I did the build me up plan and the long lasting effect of that was it has upped my cadence from maybe 60-70 to more like 80-90. It wasn’t an aim of mine when I started it, but nearly all of the workouts in that plan have set cadences (and not all fast, they have some slow cadence work too) and the upshot was I just found the faster cadence more comfortable and my cadence has naturally shifted up.

I would also advise to work on your fuelling (food and drink). It’s something I’m bad at and I plan to work on it this summer. I can get through 4 hour rides ok, but if I go a lot longer than that I start to suffer.

Thanks David, that all sounds like good advice.

In addition to a training plan, you might consider doing some group rides that are 100 miles (century), 100 km, or fondos on Zwift. Having other folks helps the long time in the saddle pass faster. These longer rides tend to be on weekends.

Many clubs have them: BMTR, TBR, ADHR, Bicycle Way of Life, USMES to name a few.

You can visit Events and search events by distance.

Edit: The link above is for Zwift Hacks which is a very useful site for searching for events on Zwift.

Make your training specific to your event. Prioritise:

Bike fit
Comfort - bibs/gloves etc
Fuelling - on and off the bike
Endurance - chug chug chug

If it’s not a race then the objective should be to complete it while still being able to smile.

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