Choosing training plan

Hi there.
Happy New Year 2023.
Going for 3 Gran Fondo this year I am in doubt whether to choose “Your First Century”, “Active Off Season” or “Gran Fondo” training plan.
My first ride is end of April, then June and finally August.
My fitness level is good, my VO2-max is 56 in the age of 44.
What do you recommend?
Regards, Mikkel

Hi, i made all of them… one by one. Everyone moved me forward.
After the Fondo’s i choosed ‘Build me up’. This was the hardest WO plan… :sweat_smile:

You have serious goals that deserve a well thought out plan and a lot of training volume (I’m assuming your events are long). Zwift training plans don’t offer that. Speaking for myself, I would be doing a lot more volume than the Gran Fondo plan, with a lot of steady zone 2 rides that are more than 2 hours, increasing intensity closer to the date of the first event. I’d also plan to do a couple rides that approach the time I expect to spend on bike during the event, to help dial in nutrition choices and understand how it will feel. I would create my own calendar with around 12-14 weeks of training prior to the first event, including a few light weeks, and not worry too much about getting on the plan until that point. It’s also worth asking yourself what you think are your weak points in terms of the terrain or duration and do specific workouts to help with those things. Zwift plans talk about endurance in terms of 1-2 hour workouts, and for me that’s not long enough to train for long events. The longest workout in the plan is a little over 3 hours, and I’d be doing a lot of those.

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