Order of Training Plans / Gran Fondo & Active Offseason

Hello folks,

I’m quite new to indoor training with Zwift after a successful second half of the outdoor season 2019 and I’m willing to stay as fit as right now or even slightly improve during winter, without “doing too much”.

Therefore I looked through Zwift Training Plans and came along two, which seem to fit me quite well:
1) Gran Fondo (9 weeks; 4h 21m/week; 277 Stress points/week)
2) Active Offseason (12 weeks; 8h 19m/week; 446 Stress points/week)

My goal is to be as fit as possible in spring 2020 (March-April) and I was basically just wondering if someone more advanced has an opinion about which of these two training plans I should do first. Even if I get a responses like “It doesn’t matter at all.” would be a help already.

Thanks in advance,