Order of workouts in Flexible Training Plan

I’ve been using Flexible Training Plans for some time and already completed a couple. So far I was not paying that much attention to the specific order of training sessions and was just picking one of workout from the current weekend. Recently I’ve enrolled for the 12 week Winter plan and not that the first week started I noticed the order of workouts seems to be random.
The description of the plan says it has the order and there should even be some days of rest but when I check the available workouts it looks like individual sessions are displayed random. There are 3 places where you can see your sessions - in Zwift client at the beginning, when you open the plan details and in companion app. Each place has a different order which is still different from the one you can see on the workouts tab under the very same plan where each day has a number and the resting days are clearly prescribed.
Is that a bug in the definition of this particular plan or a general issue of workout recommendations? I hope the new homepage addresses it but I’m still on the old one. By that time I’ll be checking which workout to pick on the whatsonzwift page.


Hi @Marcin_Ksiazek

I checked my Zwift app and I didn’t find a Training Plan called 12 Week Winter Plan.

It sounds like you’re referring to the 12wk Winter Plan (Advanced) workouts that show up in the general WORKOUTS menu (as evidenced in my screenshot), and not in the Training PLANS menu.

If you’re seeing something different or have found something different than my findings, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Perhaps they are referring to the Active Offseason Plan?

There is no consistency in the order of workouts when doing a training plan. When you look on the companion app there is a different order to what is presented when you first log into Zwift and are given the list of workouts to choose. Neither of these match the order that is in the training plan menu either. Seems like an easy fix to get these to all match.

Also, please alphabetize the list in the “workouts” menu, thanks!


@Steven_D I was referring to ‘Active Offseason Plan’ from the Plans tab, which seems to match with the ‘12wk Winter Plan (Advanced)’ from the Workouts tab. The difference is the lack of prescribed Rest days in the Offseason plan despite the fact it’s mentioned in the description.

The issue I was reporting was that the order from the screenshot of 12wk Winter Plan (Advanced) was not preserved on the ‘Active Offseason’ Flexible training plan. It was quite random and different every time I started Mac Zwift client. I wasn’t able to reproduce it today so maybe it’s already fixed with the latest release (or maybe I was just lucky to get the proper order this time). Below it the screen of what I was referring to, please note the lack of rest days (and I know it is possible to add them to flexible training plans too):

The very same training plan in the companion app has a different order today:

Hi @Marcin_Ksiazek

Thanks for clarifying that for me!

Since you weren’t able to reproduce this phenomenon today, it stands to reason that it was perhaps something of an anomalous occurrence. It’s unclear to me if recent updates resolved the issue, but I do know that this week’s 1.23.1 Zwift app update did address the issue of enabling access to the remaining flexible training plan workouts in the on-demand workouts folder. That said, it’s entirely plausible that your issue was addressed in the update.

I think the prudent thing to do at this time would be for you to assume it was a one-off problem that it’s now fixed. If you continue to see this issue and can reproduce it again, please write back here on the forums to let us know and I’ll see about flagging up the issue to a higher technical authority on the Zwift team. Thanks!

Hi @Steven_D . After completing the Single Track Slayer plan before Christmas I can also confirm what @Mike_Rowe1 and @Marcin_Ksiazek have observed. For training plans, the order shown in companion does not match the order shown by Zwift itself in the plan overview which .doesn’t match the order that Zwift serves them up when you first start Zwift. I ended up having to use WhatsonZwift.com to understand what workout I could expect each day.

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Hi @Kat

Fair enough. Since we’ve had multiple Zwifters reporting essentially the same issue, I’ll flag up the issue to the team and let you know when I have more info. Thanks!

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, were you able to reproduce this phenomenon since updating Zwift to the newest release (e.g. version: 1.23.1)?


Hi @Steven_D looks like you missed half of my previous post. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue today but I’m pretty sure I will be in a few days. My suspicion is this is because of the specific point in time but we can table it for now.

The bug that is still there for sure is the one in the Android Companion app. If you take a look at the screenshot above you’ll see different order in the companion app and different order in Zwift client. Both were taken just a few minutes ago using the latest versions.

Hi @Marcin_Ksiazek

I’m sorry about that. I’m doing my best to wrap my head around the concept properly, but I’ll make sure as I raise this issue to the team that I’ve properly reported your findings. Thank you again.

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Thank you for reporting this, @Marcin_Ksiazek, I’ll raise this with the team and try to report back with an update soon. I agree the order and ranking should be matching in all areas.

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