Build me up week 12 - in which order?

Hi people.

I’m currently doing the Build Me Up program and just started the second to last week, week 11.
I’v been checking out the planned workouts for the last week, week 12. And that have made some confussion for me.

In which order so I do the workouts? My logic tells me that I should finish with the FTP test, but when i look at the zwift app (on my computer), the companion app and a website i get three different orders - and none of them ends with the FTP test.

So can anyone tell me the right, or the best, way to do the workouts in week 12?

Best to all.

Hey @Tim_Sandau! Welcome to the forums.

My suggestion would be:

  1. Renewal
  2. Pedaling Drills
  3. Alpha
  4. FTP Test (the day after Alpha)

Renewal and Pedaling drills are for recovery and ideally are done earlier in the week, with Alpha/FTP test done later in the week once you feel recovered from week’s 9, 10, and 11 :muscle:


Hi @Shayne-Gaffney

I think I’ve just reported the same issue under another thread.
‘Order of workouts in Flexible Training Plan’ under ‘Bugs & Issues’ but apparently can’t link it.

I pointed this out a year ago…

@Steven_D please include this with your escalation to the team.

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1

Sure thing. I’ve had some initial dialogue with my colleagues, but I’m still working to get definitive clarification from a higher technical authority on the Zwift team as to whether these things you’ve pointed out are Zwift essentially “working as designed” or if it’s an actual bug.

Hard as it might be to believe, this may actually be the intended functionality, and if so then it’s more suitable as a feature request. Either way, I’ll do my best to get clarification on that point.

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Well, no one ever said Zwift was easy to navigate or has intuitive design… so… sure… :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the tag! This has been on my radar as well. I’ll raise it with the team and try to get to the bottom of it. I agree it should be displaying the same order in all areas, but some Zwifters will have to modify things based on their unique daily training time availability. I’ll try to report back soon!


Thanks Shayne.

That order is the same that I would say is the logically order

Thanks for taking your time for my question and for taking this issue further on with your colleagues!

Have a great day!