Program workout schedule

Hi, currently doing build me up but this probably applies to other routines too. How do pick which order to do the workouts in and does it make a difference.
On the training plan it shows as CA as my next workout

When I launch zwift it tries to get me on 15:9

On the companion app it looks like HW TW would be next

I have a similar issue with Crit Crusher - possibly not ready for the plan but hey - the ordering seems to vary between Companion (which has one specific order), the game app’s next workout popup (another specific order), and the training plan details/workout selection menu (showing yet another specific ordering).

The order varies between the companion app and the app. I did search around and see info somewhere that indicated that they removed the set order a while ago to make it more flexible for people with different schedules and you can do them in whatever order you want. I’m doing the build me up plan and I pick my own custom order since there are a couple of days where I have more time to do the longer ones and other days where I try and pick the shortest/easiest workout.

I think this is the place where I found the info:

Thanks think that pretty much covers it