Order of training workout Build me Up

Sometimes the order of the workout changes during the week in Zwift.
What is actually the best sequence of the weekly chorus that I can stick to.

I can’t say what the best sequence is, but the Companion App has listed them in the same order for me so far. I’ve occasionally switched them round depending on how I’m feeling, or to get a rest day after a hard one, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

I’m going into the last third of the Build Me Up program, so this is my experience:

There is some logic in the order the workouts are scheduled and become available. But its more important that you manage your non-workout Zwifting/cycling activities. In other words, don’t do a Gran Fondo the day before you’ve got a tough BMU workout. The Build Me Up workouts assume that you are coming into each one relatively well-rested, and with a sufficient level of food and hydration in you.

If you look at the overall BMU program, you’ll see that every fourth week is relatively light. There are fewer workouts, of generally lower intensity. That’s a hint to use that as a rest and recovery week. Not an invitation to go route badge hunting in Watopia.

Bottom line: The precise order that you do the Build Me Up workouts each week probably isn’t that important. What really counts is managing your overall level of activity, rest, recovery, and nutrition to get the most out of the program.

I agree with Andrew: BMU is a highly demanding plan and you need to sleep, recover, eat, drink (and if possible get a massage sometime) correctly. But I found that the workouts order as you can find in the Zwift app overview is the right one, while Companion app shows it in an alphabetical order, week by week. In Zwift app, hardest/longest workouts are always at the end of the week, following a “crescendo”: the longest rides could be skipped and replaced with a long and intense outdoor ride. So I suggest to take a note of the correct workouts order as shown in Zwift app, and to strictly follow it, despite Companion’s rearrangement.

They changed training plans a while ago to let you choose the order within the week. If you look at this article from the coach who did some/all of the workouts saying the order doesn’t matter.