Weekly training plan - Unclear order

New problems with the training plans. All weekly workouts opens at the same time, no order, all closes Sunday.

That is by design, now all workouts are available on Monday and the blackout period between workouts was reduced from 20 hours to 8 hours.

Okay thanks. But I guess there is a design for the workouts in what order they should be performed?
Now you cannot see that, they open and close the same time.
If we look at the order in the lists, there is one in Zwift (game), one in Companion and one in whatsonswift.com.
Is there a place where the correct order is described?

I think you’re missing that a whole week of workouts now shows as having to be done by Monday morning and isn’t staggered across the whole week.

I have the same issue on my training plan and hope that I won’t lose a workout because I don’t do a TSS of 300 in one day :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it means next week Monday

Looks like the order is reversed on the companion app vs. in game on the training plan menu. I’m in week 6 of Build Me Up and on the companion app it lists HWBTWTDWH at the top of the list, but in the game that workout is listed at the end of the week, and C.A. (cadence adjustment) is listed as the first workout.

I always take Monday as my rest day, so I prefer to start the week with a harder workout being fresh from a rest day. I wouldn’t want to choose C.A. as my first workout of the week, so I appreciate being able to choose which one I want to do.

Yes, Companion and game seems to be reversed in order. (Whatsonswift has another order).
Looking at Build Me Up week 12 (last week) it should end with the FTP-test. So in this case, Companion seems to be correct in order and game wrong… I believe that this is messed up in the system or setup i am afraid.
It would still be interesting (and good) to know the correct training designed order.

@Shayne-Gaffney maybe you can help with this? What is the “correct” order?

Thanks, @Mike_Rowe1 :slight_smile:

@Hakan_Widlund_L3 it’s entirely athlete-dependent and based upon how much time they have available to train on a given day, how fresh they feel, etc., so it’s impossible to say. Before the training plans were opened up with greater flexibility levels, the shorter workouts would be available during the week and longer available during the weekends. This assumed the athletes had more training time available on Sat/Sun, which wasn’t always the case.

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Hoping so! It didn’t do that last week, nor in any other of the training programmes I’ve done. it might have been better to say “by Sunday evening”

I understand you point for training. But is the weekly opened plans planned in the March release? Below how Zwift describe the change, 8 hour period. Have you seen any other release note?
The “coach” comments in the workouts are still built after a specific order.

  • Updated the forced blackout period for workouts to 8 hours to provide more flexibility to users who want to do the next workout in their plan a little earlier than usual.

This is the exact same thing I can’t get my head around. So once the workouts for the week open you can do them in any order and there is no fixed routine?

I also think it should say the workouts end Sunday night and not say you have until Monday. I missed out my last workout on my first week because I thought I could do it Monday.

+1 to @Hakan_Widlund_L3’s comment. The Zwift Companion app presents one order while the game presents the reverse order. The game lists the reverse order in both the initial workout selection dialog and the horizontal workout menu. For example, I am doing the “Build Me Up” structured workout.

The Zwift Companion app lists:
Week 11: Tenacity, Aspire, Breakfast Returns, Thew, Ruckus
Week 12: Renewal, Alpha, Pedaling Drills, FTP Test

This order makes sense to me.

When log into the Zwift game app, I see “Ruckus, Thew, Breakfast Returns, and Aspire”. I cannot select Tenacity unless I cancel the initial workout selection dialog and navigate to the workout menu. In the workout menu, week 12 lists “FTP Test, Pedaling Drills, Alpha, Renewal”. This order is a bit strange since the text in Alpha describes the workout as preparation for the upcoming FTP test.

I find the order-difference in the game and companion app confusing, and really annoying if you use the app to plan your workout. This is obviously a bug, and has been for a while. Are the development-team scanning these forums for reports, it doesnt seem like it’s possible to register bugs through https:// bugs .zwift.org