More Flexible Training Plans [March 2021]

We wanted to break out this thread to talk about a feature in the most recent game release version 1.11.x: more flexible training plans! This has been high on the feature request list from those who love structured workouts

  • Reduced blackout duration between individual workouts to 8 hours
  • All workouts are available starting Monday
  • Increased each workout’s availability to 1 week (168 hours).

These changes allow you to do any workout during the week but maintain an 8 hour forced rest period after its completion. We are still maintaining structure, relative to a loose collection in a folder, by unlocking workouts one week at a time.

Most importantly, we are making the workouts available when you want to train, rather than make you follow the plan’s schedule as it was previously coded. Does this mean training plans are perfect now?

No, far from it! We are actively working on:

  • The ability for players to pause and extend their plans.
  • The ability to provide input for when you have availability to train - to improve workout recommendations.
  • Generally expanding upon our current offerings to better serve any Zwifter whether it’s your first training plan, or you’re fine tuning your form for a major race.

Thank you @shooj, these improvements are very welcomed.

I have seen some users now wanting a more clear order in which to complete the workouts each week. The weekly list can sometimes be in the opposite order if you are looking in the companion app vs. the game and this is causing confusion too.

Shayne recently posted this in response to the correct order of the Build Me Up plan:

So, the order can be based on your preference, but some users just want to sign in and do the next one on the list without having to think about it. Not sure how that can be improved, but perhaps getting them in the same order on the training plan menu, companion app, and the list that shows up right when you log in would be a start?

Edit: one thing that would help is listing the TSS in the companion app and on the list of available workouts that pops up when you log in. I believe the only place the TSS is listed is in the training plan menu.


A great idea for people with weird work schedules would be to plug in your schedule and have the plan kinda work around it. I’m not sure if this is possible.

In my case I work for 48 hrs straight then off for 4 days. So I’m forced to take a 48 hour rest from riding. But with the plans I have to force 2 rides in a day etc to be able to stay with the plan sometimes.

Thank you @shooj
Is it possible to still know in wich order was the plan created? Companion list or Game list?
Flexibility sometimes is very comfortable but I’d prefer to follow the thread, especially by workloads and coach comments.
Thank you again