Active Offseason Training Plan - No Warmup or Cooldown

The Active Offseason plan seems to have a few bugs. The biggest issue is all the warmups begin at 95% of zone 2 and cooldowns end at 95% of zone 2. Essentially, there’s no warmup or cooldown. I just noticed today while doing Cadence into Over-Unders the instructional text for RPMs and power don’t make any sense. It looks like a clock value appears for the low RPM info. I’m only into the 2nd week - I don’t know what awaits me in the future.

I see someone else mentioned this same issue last winter. Nothing’s still been done to fix it? Come on, you have over 1M registered users.

This is 100% true.

Top of the day to you @Jon

How may I grant this bug the due expediency it deserves? Anyone who uses the training plans would consider Zwift’s attention here much appreciated. : )

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Good day to you @EricC. Do you know how I might be able to get Zwift’s attention here? Thanks.

I was just looking at the Active Offseason training plan and this is not at all what I’m seeing. I actually saw a number of days that started and ended in Zone 1, and some days where the entire workout is in Zone 1.

Thank you! @Jeffrey_Bauer for you attention here.

The issue is that there is to taper up or taper down of the warm up. Today I was 3:04 minutes into a “10min warmup” and I am already in the blue zone at 215W. The graph on the bottom left shows just seconds of warming up and Zwift cracked it up really quickly. The training plan view shows the same. This is the active offseason plan.

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This looks like Week 1, Day 1 of the AO plan, right? I’d definitely agree that there isn’t much ‘warm up’ in this particular session, but I’d also say that the overall stress of this workout isn’t too high (most of the time at 73% of FTP). Other days start off differently, especially is they have some higher demands during the workout.

I guess what I’d say is that someone, at least in theory, designed this plan with some specific goals in mind, so following the plan should get you there. I see a number of rest days along the way, too, so be sure to take full advantage of those. Hopefully at the end it will all pay off.

Also, I’m presuming you took an FTP test prior to starting this plan, and that you feel comfortable that your FTP is 304? If so p, I think you should be good to go. Just see how it all progresses.

Any update here ?
Just saw that the workout in the latest release has still the warm-up bug, and its more than 1,5 years ago.

Perhaps @shooj knows how we can get the Zwift developers attention. Why should they ignore us ? :stuck_out_tongue: