Active Offseason Training Plan - No Warmup or Cooldown

The Active Offseason plan seems to have a few bugs. The biggest issue is all the warmups begin at 95% of zone 2 and cooldowns end at 95% of zone 2. Essentially, there’s no warmup or cooldown. I just noticed today while doing Cadence into Over-Unders the instructional text for RPMs and power don’t make any sense. It looks like a clock value appears for the low RPM info. I’m only into the 2nd week - I don’t know what awaits me in the future.

I see someone else mentioned this same issue last winter. Nothing’s still been done to fix it? Come on, you have over 1M registered users.

This is 100% true.

Top of the day to you @Jon_Mayfield

How may I grant this bug the due expediency it deserves? Anyone who uses the training plans would consider Zwift’s attention here much appreciated. : )

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