Which triathlon training plan to choose

I’m looking to start a program to try build up some power and speed for sprint and Olympic distance Tri this year. I can typically do 2-3 bike workouts during the week of up to 90 min and longer the weekends. My ftp is 226 but that test was done a few weeks after a HIM dun laoghaire so was in good shape.(I may need to do another FTP test )
If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.
Thanks in advance.


I would highly recommend doing an ftp test prior to any program. There are two in Zwift that will work great for establishing your baseline.
The 6 week FTP program is also a great built in training in zwift for building your power over a measured period. I would highly recommend



Hi Gary,

Agree with Mason there - FTP test first. I’ve found the RAMP/MAP test less stressful than the OG 20 mins test, but that’s personal preference.

As of trainings…2-3 bike WO per week doesn’t leaves you many options for the training plans in Zwift (timed ones,these are), as most of these need 4-7 bike WO / week. If you are active already (meaning no couch potato in the past 4 weeks), I’d go with 12 weeks active off season first (same as Active off season training plan down to the minute, but non-timed, so you can stretch the schedule to your needs. The issue is that it has a couple of workouts with 90+ minutes requirements (longest 180 mins).

Although you didn’t tell us the distance for the Tri events, I assume based on the available time it is an Olympic one (1.5/40/10km). If you check What’s on Zwift website, you can find a couple of workout series which can help getting fit for that.

These are:

For Aktivitus, you have to import the ÍWOs, the rest availiable in game straght away.

Avoid Zwift Academy WOs, as the purpose of these WOs to measure your abilities NOT TO DEVELOP THEM! THese are stressful for different kind of systems, best to spare them for afte rthe first 12 weeks block.


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thats great , thanks a million.
yeh i can only do 3 workouts a week as family and other training to.

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