FTP test done - now what

(Werner Jakobsmeier) #1



I did my FTP test (short) last night and it went well, no technical glitches or anything.

I am just wondering, where do I go from here? What should be the next step for a novice rider like me? Which workout program do I choose? And how are these programs structured. I think there is a 5 o 6 and a 12 week program for FTP (i might misremember) but how often do they require you to log on per week? Is it 3 days per week? 5? 7?

Before the workout mode i just tried to ride but add 5 mins to my previous ride time. If someone could give me some pointers, that would be swell.

For those curious and for whoever may not be able to test workout mode yet here is my ride from yesterday:


Any help would be much appreciated.



(Jaime Salas) #2

Hey Werner… I am a avid cyclist and had stepped out form training and now I am back at it. I was using another program for training exercises, but I am really enjoying Zwift now. yesterday I also do my FPT, which I haven’t done in a very long time. (Very disappointing too) Anyways I started to feel the same way too, but I see they have different type of schedule. Some say advance too, if you are now to this, I’d stay away from that until you become more proficient. Though I was start with the week one. I haven’t decided either, but I also assume as they go form beta to full software that they will add a ton more activities to follow. 

For me it has to be structured, because it give me a goal to work towards to. So to answer your question I’d start with the  “Less than an hour to burn” and do them either ever other day or put a couple days between each one and maybe incorporate a weight training day. Once you finish those I’d to the 60-90 min ones. I think that what I am going to do until they can come out with more workout session or better plans.

Hopefully they will start adding categories like sweetspot training, Over and unders, and so forth. They have been doing an excellent job on  continuing to upgrade on a regular basis. So I would expect more to come as they get closer to actual release date. I hope this helped a little.