Workouts only based on FTP

Workouts in Zwift are adapted to your FTP. But that does not take into account that people are not all alike: Some people are sprinters with an FTP of e.g. 200, but sprint power of !000W. I am good in long endurance (FTP 270), but mediocre in sprintend: 540W max power. As a result I am not able to perform workouts with short sprints. Even setting The bias to 90% does not help me.
To my opinion Zwift should Add a sprint test, which sores e.g. You 10s max power. Workouts could then by tailored to The user with The FTP and this max power.

Time to start training sprinting. I also thought I can’t sprint but now I can exceed 3x FTP sprints

Silly reply. I want to train sprinting, but The problem is Zwift workouts are not suited for that.

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I agree this would be useful and would like to see it implemented.

You can always design your own sprint workouts. I use

I think when it comes to training plans the one that hits zone 6 the most is the TT Tune Up plan, but as the name suggests it is not focused on sprinting. However, I do not know what a sprinting focused training plan would actually look like, or rather, what it is supposed to look like.

If you’re serious about your training the question I would ask is why would you use Zwift workouts / Zwift training plans? They’re a one size fits all and targetted at average people e.g. people who train maybe 6 hours a week. No good for more advanced / more competitive cyclists. Trainerroad training plans are much better thought out and you can pick from a range of plans and volumes. Quite a few of us run their workouts on a phone then run Zwift on a PC for some entertainment.

Then some of the workouts seem poorly designed with ridiculously high 10 second sprint targets e.g. 300% of FTP. Now some people might be able to do 300% of their FTP, I can’t with an FTP of 305.


For 300% of my FTP I would be spinning my legs as fast as I could.

During the FTP ramp test you’re trying to keep a steady cadence and, at least for me, my legs give out, cadence drops and erg mode kills you by ramping up the force even more.

But, for a short effort I can get the most power by spinning 120, 130 cadence. The trick here is to pick a gear so you don’t end up with no resistance but not such a big gear that you can’t get the gear spinning.

But you should be able to get 3x your ftp by spinning I’d have thought.
The other point really is, if you’re not a sprinter why bother doing sprint intervals? If the answer is to become a sprinter you might be better getting back on the pies and visit a gym to do squats to build more power.