3 day Training Plan?

I love the training plans offered on Zwift. But - as a multi-sport athlete (with a family and full-time job) sometimes it’s difficult to commit to training plans which require 4+ days inside on the bike. I am really looking for a 4–12-week training plan which puts me on the trainer 1 or 2 days a week. Then I can run (treadmill or trail) 2 or 3 times a week, have 1 or 2 outdoor rides, and have some days of recovery.

This the same question I came here to ask. I have embarked on the 12 week ‘Build Me Up’ plan which has 5+ hrs a week of indoor riding. A. I don’t think I could physically manage that on top of 2 weekly MTB rides. B. Would this result in fatigue rather than progress? C. Everything needs to be completed by next Tuesday???

I am just finishing “Back to Fitness” which is two workouts a week and after week 6 gets quite intensive.
If you miss a workout don’t worry. I missed a few days and it just extends the time to the next week.
You should be able to select the next workout in the plan by selecting the whole workout in the folder.

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You dont need to follow the “plan” as most all workouts are able to be done on demand from the workout menu. That way you can do 2 or 3 a week as needed without the pressure to get them done in a set time.

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I Think that’s my issue. I am used to following plans set out with specific volume such as 3x intervals per week plus 1 long ride. No accountability when it’s all there as and when :slight_smile: Need to get strict with myself and choose 3 per week and stick to them

True you don’t have to follow the plan lockstep 100% every single day, however, I am a “ task list” / “ rules follower” person, so having one or two workouts that don’t have the green check. Mark next to them really stresses me out. :slight_smile:

I think the complexity of your desired plan means you’ll need to manage it outside of Zwift.