More 2 to 3 day a week training plans please!

I was so happy to see the Back to Fitness plan that is 2 days a week. I love the idea of following training plans, but also take part in several other activities (lift, hike, ski, yoga) and honestly don’t have time to be on Zwift more than a couple days a week no matter how much I would love to be. I would love to see more plans like this geared to people who love to bike, but also appreciate doing other things as well.

Hi @Dawn_Peterson

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You can select workouts from the workout menu (instead of plans) and do it on your own time.


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Thanks! I usually use those, but find myself spending a lot of time either searching for a plan or skipping workouts I don’t like to do as well. I know it is mostly laziness on my part, but I find myself more likely to stick with something if I have a plan and a deadline. Maybe it’s just me - but the plans fill this perfectly.

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