Training Plan Frustration..... again

I know this has been mentioned before, but today just took the mickey.
I’ve enrolled in the multi sport mixer plan… which has 9 workouts in week 1.
So clearly I need to do a couple of double workout days, yet the plan won’t let me!!
I did a bike workout yesterday, only to be told I couldn’t do the run til at least 4 hours later… no good to me as I would be at work then.
So today, I loaded the run up on the iPad and today’s bike sesh on my computer…
Did the bike workout and it logged in my companion app as completed… then jumped on the treadmill and did the run workout… perfect… it registered and I thought all was good.
Only to then see the companion app had removed the bike workout???

The plan itself says that it’s possible to do runs after the ride, yet it won’t allow me to?

So annoying!!

I have a crazy, busy life, as most people do, and cannot be dictated to as to when I can and cat do workouts… I need to have the flexibility and control of this, otherwise it becomes useless to me.

Come on, Zwift… I love this platform but this is a really basic function that needs addressing.

I can’t help with your schedule but did you enroll in the program on a Monday? That is the day you should enroll. When it comes to the mandatory breaks in between workouts, you may have to do your ride before work and the run after work to get the most out of that particular plan. I think that plan is 6 days a week if I am not mistaken so you only get to choose one off day.

Thanks for the reply, yes I enrolled on Monday but it says there’s 9 workouts to do in week one?
Being forced to workout either side of work just isn’t practical for me and I don’t see why we should be forced to, especially on a triathlon based training plan, where running off the bike is key.