Having both a bike and run training plan

Just completed the 21km running plan. Really enjoyed the schedule, tasks and definitely gained fitness. However, i was unable to switch from the running onto a bike plan which builds my bike fitness for a 70.3. I assume Zwift only allows you to have one plan active at one time?
I appreciate there is a Olympic plan, so i could scale or add other elements to achieve the correct TSS. Although this makes it a bit messy.



Multi sport training plans are coming Zoon.


That’s great news Paul, thanks for the update.

HI Paul. Any news on any more multi sport training plans other than the 6 week one on line now? Thanks.

I have not heard anything new on the subject.

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I’m looking forward to this enhancement.
Zwift training plans are really helpful.
It is a shame not to be able to have 2 training plans at the same time.


What about bike/run workouts - do you plan to have this feature?

I got bike trainer and zwift capable treadmill - having two series of say 20 min bike and 10 min run, I would have to save 4 zwift workouts. If I could have it in one, it would be much more convenient.

There is one called the multi-sport mixer but it looks pretty hard. Not exactly a plan that eases one into doing both at the same time.


so my friend can switch on his iPad from a running training plan to a riding training plan and keep the progress of the previous plan. His iPad has another button instead of the „Never Mind“ button and his training plans switch and he can continue from where he left.

My iPad shows this „Never Mind“ button that doesn‘t do anything and the „Switch Plans“ button switches but loses the progress of the previous plan.

I would like to be able to switch between a running and a riding training plan so I can run one day and bike the next day from where I left previously.

Does anyone know how to get this feature working?

I uninstalled and then installed Zwift again with the hope that it will appear on my iPad magically, but that’s unfortunately not the case… :blush:

Thanks for any ideas or tipps…

Has anyone tried this in the blue box?

run plan, cancel, ride plan, cancel, run plan, continue from where you left off?

Does it work to keep the progress of the previous training plan?