Make both Run and Cycling Training Plans available at the same time

(rem lee) #1

I have just started running on Zwift, and am doing the 3: 13.1 plan, however am keen to build my cycling endurance and would like to also be able to follow a cycling plan, in particular, the ‘build me up’ plan, over the winter months…

However, at the moment, it looks as though you can only do one plan at a time; could Zwift consider making it possible to do both a run and cycling plan at the same time?

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Rem,

The plans were really designed as single-sport training plans. From a training load perspective, they really aren’t designed to be paired up, especially not with each other. A good multisport plan takes into account training load from the other sports. But these plans aren’t designed in that way. I couldn’t in good conscience recommend that you were to do both plans simultaneously. Both plans you mention are on the more taxing end of the spectrum. Neither plan was designed for a multi-sport athlete, but should you want to incorporate some cycling, I’d recommend something on the lower intensity end of the spectrum while you’re in the midst of the 13.1 running plan.

Ride On,

Zwift Design

Be Able To Enroll In Both Running And Cycling Training Plans At The Same Time
(rem lee) #3


thank you for the reply, and do take your point about risk of over-training… Perhaps, a tri-specific plan would be an idea for the future?

What I love most about the training plans is the scheduling and prompting, which has really helped keep me on track these last few months, where I admit to combining Zwift Academy with the run plan…

Love Zwift; thanks for all the great work that’s gone into it!


(Eiki Egilz) #4

Hi there,

Just bought a trainer and a treadmill, mainly for Zwift usage!

Thanks for your wonderfull software

I too would like to be able to enroll in two different plans at the same time, one for running and one for riding.

Please implement this Zwift :slight_smile:

(karl cannell) #5

Hi Jordan I to would love multisport training plans and I think it may introduce people to multisport who normally wouldn’t try it !!!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #6

Rumor has it that multi sport training plans are in the works and coming soon.

(karl cannell) #7

Zwift are missing out on an opportunity at the moment, multisport cycle and run plans would be massive and winter is the time to incorporate it !!!

(Chad Kudym) #8

Another big vote for either signing up for both at the same time or implementing multisport. For example, I wanted to sign up for both the Active Offseason cycling plan and the 5K Record Breaker plans simultaneously and was surprised to see I had to cancel the cycling plan in order to sign up for the running plan.

(Martin Cloutier) #9

Can’t wait