Be Able To Enroll In Both Running And Cycling Training Plans At The Same Time

(Austin Hoggarth) #1

The title says it all. Unless they make a Triathlon/Duathlon training plan, I feel we should be able to take advantage of the separate plans at the same time. At least one running plan and one cycling plan. The timing is flexiable enough for most of them to be able to juggle both. I am not asking that I sign up for two different cycling or two different running plans at the same time, instead one of each!


Doing Zwift cycling and running plans at the same time
(Paul) #2

There are meant to be done separately and would cause too much stress and fatigue if done at the same time. I agree that Zwift needs to implement Duathlon/Triathlon training plans to the mix.

Here is a post about it from @Jordan_Rapp: Make both Run and Cycling Training Plans available at the same time

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(Daren) #3

This is where I personally don’t see the merit in a hard lock. Sure, give the advice and guidance, but if a person wants to do two training programmes in parallel, let them.

I mean, they could already do a Zwift one and a real world one. Or two real world plans. So the intention might be good, but reality means it’s more of an annoyance.


(Paul) #4

I get what you are saying, but with the answer Jordan gave it is more of a cover there rear kind of thing right now.

I do my ride and winter run training on Zwift, but without using the workouts within the app, it’s just more freeing and less restrictive that way. I tried using it a couple times but hated it and when back to the way it’s been done for years.


(Daren) #5

Man, people and litigation culture suck. Stuff like this shouldn’t be necessary.


(Eirikur) #6

Hi there,

I too would like to be able to enroll in two different plans at the same time, one for running and one for riding.

Please implement this Zwift :slight_smile:


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(Luke Selby) #7

Would love this option, it is what I’m struggling with now. Some of the running plans allow you to set the length, would be possible to sign up for two plans, have Zwift recognize this, and cut the workouts down for each a bit (so instead of 3 biking workouts / week or whatever you get two and also two run workouts). Seems to me it wouldn’t be that challenging on the back end…


(Steve Copeland) #8

I would like this as well as I am both a runner and cyclist and do duathalon events.


(Marcin Tamborski) #9

I agree and upvote this feature request.


(Pär) #10

I agree! I hope Zwift will add this feature!