UNLOCK the Running Training Plans

All cycling training plans were unlocked a couple of months ago. So far Zwift has not offered the same accommodation for running training plans. Come on Zwift, as a platform espousing equality UNLOCK them.

Which ones are locked?

In this context ‘locked’ means the plan has to be followed using the order and schedule prescribed by Zwift. The cycling plans have been unlocked allowing us to fit the plan into our personal schedule. The same needs to be offered for the running plans.

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Where do you locate the training plans?

This. On the updated Home Screen click on the clipboard icon the select either Workouts or Plans.

Would really appreciate if this can be done. I tried to follow running training plans, but the schedule is just too strict to combine with private life.

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I agree 100%. I have started the half marathon training plan twice on different days in the hope that the long run will fall at the weekend, however it fell both times to be completed Mon to Fri when I am in work and too tired and/or have less time. It then vanishes on Saturday. I have emailed support about this who advised I post here to gain developer attention. Having found this thread, I am hopeful it can be amended as it appears the cycle training plans have. Many thanks.

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I like the idea of having all plans and workouts available according to our own time and pace. Myself i have started the run academy twice and still have not explored all the modules in it. Part of that is due to my status as a slow or returning to running. But yes please let us enjoy ALL of the running workouts and training plans as time allows.

Any updates on this problem? I signed up for the half training plan, and really like the workouts; however, like Penny I cannot do the long run during the week. Seems like all Zwift would need to do is assign the workouts for the week, and give you seven days to complete them. This should be a simpler algorithm than what they do now.

Sorry, no update. Zwift has had zero interest in running for a couple of years now, this includes the most basic fixes or improvements. Sad.

Not quite true otherwise we wouldn’t have had new levels.
There have been running events over the last few years too.
And remember it’s free so best not to have too higher expectations.


Zwift Run is not free it’s paid for by Ride subscriptions which is not a sustainable model.

Nope…Zwift run is free.

Whilst Zwift has a revenue stream for cycling the basic fact is that if you want to run on Zwift you don’t need a subscription.

It’s free to the user, it’s not free to develop and maintain. The funds to develop and maintain have to come from somewhere, and that is from Zwift Ride subscriptions.

This was my point but i accept that there is a cost to develop it.
Probably not a vast amount as nearly all the roads for running have originated from cycling.
That said from conversations I’ve had with Zwift staff it’s not just like flicking a switch to enable all routes to have running badges etc…

I’d pay for running alone if it guaranteed more development for running.