Bike and run

I ride and run, and enjoy both using zwift. Almost 3years in using this great app.
Was thinking it would be great to be able to switch from bike to run while on longer distances, instead of completing a ride then setting up again to run. Anyone else have thoughts to this.

You can switch from one to another without exiting your current ride or run. Click on the pairing icon and at the top click the opposite to what you are current activity is.

A quick pair of your sensors and off you go.

The one thing I can’t remember is if it automatically saves your activity when you swap over. I’ve a feeling it doesn’t.

Hi Stuart.
Thanks for responding to my question, that’s the problem, I’d like to choose a 30k ride, then let’s say ride 20k and finish off running 10k so both counted as one. Much like a triathlon but without the swimming.
I think that would be challenging and good fun.
Best regards Al

I don’t think there’s any activity tracking program that would do that.

They all differentiate between disciplines. Strava etc…all break it down into the individual activities.

In real life you could set your watch to record and just leave it running. However your data would be really screwed.
Set it as a run but cycle 20km of it and you’ll be doing under world record marathon pace per mile.

Set it as a cycle and run 10km of your 30km and your average speed will plummet.

It’s why watches have a triathlon mode to swap between disciplines including transitions.

Hey Stuart
Yes, there’s many problems with figuring it out. Maybe one day Zwift could figure away to incorporate it in. Thanks for your thoughts my friend