Ride & Run switch

Need a quick or easier way to switch between bike and run or run to bike without having to close down zwift, reopen, and get setup again. It is time consuming. The ability to do brick workouts would be awesome. Thanks.

All you need to do is go to the pairing screen and switch from one to the other, no need to exit Zwift.

Hi Paul,

I remember discussing this topic with you a while ago. When switching in the pairing screen, does Zwift automatically save when going from one activity to the other? So for example, if i do a 20km bike, then want to run off the bike without exiting, i can go into the pairing screen through menu and switch. I believe Zwift switches between, but i can’t remember if it saves the workout automatically. I think i tried and it didn’t work, so kept on exiting when doing a brick session. Perhaps a splash screen message saying saving may be the way to go, giving confidence in the first activity being saved before starting the second. Else, if the message on the screen doesn’t appear, it means an issue, then people can then exit and save.



Yes, it will create 2 different saves, 1 for the ride and 1 for the run.