Brick Option for Triathletes

Am I missing this? How do I complete a brick session (switching from Zwift ride to Zwift run) without closing and reopening the app?

Once we get that sorted… having workouts that include both bike and run segments. Seems like a must for triathletes.


Just go back to the pairing screen and switch to the other sport. And, yes it will create 2 separate activities.

I was looking for this feature last night. Would be great to be able to set a time/distance on the bike and for to then switch over to Run

@Paul_Allen when you say ‘go back to the pairing screen’ - how do you do that? I can get back to the Menu page it then gives me the option to end workout, I can’t see how you can then get back to the pairing screen?

If you click on Menu on the right hand side you should be able to access the Paring screen or another way is to hit “A” on your keyboard.